Complaints are made to the Issuer by phone call or email to customer service or to a service point.

Reloading not received after deposit of the counterpart; Transaction recipient error; Transfer not received; Transaction notification not received. It is often very complicated to find yourself the loan at the ideal rate with the different amounts that correspond to your personal and financial situation. A more than favorable climate à your projects’t ! and to know more about your rgion à you, go to the zoom below.

Complaints are made to the Issuer by phone call or email to customer service or to a service point. By calling on us, your personal credit experts, you will get your loan at the best rate. Real estate rates in rgions # 128269; The Issuer will do everything to process the holder’s complaint as soon as possible. Therefore, maintaining a good relationship with your broker allows you to’ be closer to him, to be able to ask him all your questions and to make appointments more quickly. Let’s see more près minimum rates and market rates to make you an ide prcise of your rgion.

If the incident is due to the error of the User himself who commits, for example, an error in entering a number or code, the latter will bear the consequences, notwithstanding the treatment of the Issuer. Within our Liège agency, we have focused in this direction. The best rates in rgions of the month of June. In the event of theft or loss of the telephone number, the User must contact customer service to inform them and request the account to be blocked. The relationship with you is important to us. Over 7 years, the lowest rate is 0.21% in rNorth region and 0.30% everywhere else (stability) Over 10 years, you can borrowès 0.39% in rNorth region (stability) 0.40% in Rhône-Alpes (stagnation), 0.45% in Mditerrane and 0.50% in all other rgions (stagnation and + 0.05% for l’Ile-de-France).

The User who fails to inform of the loss of his number will bear the possible damage suffered as a result of the use of his electronic money account. We take all your projects to heart and support you throughout them. Over 15 years, the lowest minimum rate is still 0.61% in the North, 0.65% in Ile-de-France and Rhône-Alpes (+ 0.02%), 0.70% in the South-West (stability) and in Mditerrane (+ 0.05%), and 0.75% in l’East and l’West (stable rate).

Blocking the account prevents access to the e-money account. We therefore offer you a fully personalized service with A to Z management of your file. The best rate over 20 years stagnates à 0.75% in the North and remains at 0.85% in Ile-de-France. To have their account activated again, the User must contact a service point with a valid identity document. Thanks to our structure, we take care of your files ourselves. It passes à 0.90% in the South-West (increase of + 0.05%), as well as’in Mditerrane (+ 0n05%) and in Rhône-Alpes (+ 0.03%). After verification, a new code will then be given to him to access the account.

Why arouse the’help from our Liège-based personal credit brokerage agency? He stays à 0.93% in l’West and pass à 0.95% in l’East (+ 0.01%). The Issuer is not responsible for the User’s handling error. THE’one of the main characteristics of our business, for us brokers, is the saving of time.

Finally, the minimum rate over 25 years is stable à 1.01% in the North, and s’establishes à 1.10% in Mditerrane (+ 0.10%), as well as in the South-West and the rRh gionône-Alpes (+ 0.07%). REFUND. Our agency has guaranteed loan approval specialized in personal loans for many years.

It passes à 1.14% in Ile-de-France, an increase of 0.11%. The User can obtain at any time the reimbursement of the funds deposited in return for the electronic money issued for his benefit. We have perfect knowledge of the current market and we are able to find the best rate for you.